We are a different consulting company, we provide all our services online. This approach allows us to be more efficient and have a global reach. 

A different business environment requires applying tools and frameworks suitable for the new reality instead of using management concepts that were thought for the industrial era. We provide our clients with customized solutions based on state-of-the-art methodologies.

Strategic Alignment - Digital Transformation


Every client is unique, so the first step we take is to gain an in-depth understanding of the particular situation that the organization faces. We do that usually in the form of an assessment where we cover all the critical aspects of strategy formulation and execution.

The assessment results inform the proposed solution, which typically combines best-of-breed methodologies and frameworks to address the identified needs.

We accompany our clients every step of the way, from the design of the solution to the effective implementation, ensuring knowledge transfer to create long-lasting results.

Strategy Formulation and Execution

The first step to successfully competing in the digital world is to have a clear view of where the company wants to go. That clear vision is a critical first step in preparing the organization to review its value proposition and identify changes required to deliver customer value.

We help organizations clarify their strategies following a practical approach that integrates execution right from the beginning. This way of working allows organizations to make clear what they want to achieve and, most importantly, how they will do it.

Simplicity is our motto. We translate strategy into simple terms that everybody in the organization can understand and contribute to.

Once the strategy is in place, we help organizations connect the plan with the processes that will provide the foundation for its implementation. This critical step includes the improvement of existing processes and the design and development of new ones that are required to execute the strategy.

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Creating shared value

We help organizations create value simultaneously for the shareholders, the communities impacted by the organization’s activities and the environment.

We do so by integrating social and environmental considerations into core business strategies. Our approach is based on identifying business opportunities that will amplify the benefit for all the actors in the ecosystem by orders of magnitude compared to what they could achieve by acting individually.


Visual Analytics

The main commodity in the digital era is data. There is no doubt about the importance of harnessing data to use it as input for strategic and operational decisions. However, most organizations find it very difficult to use data to generate meaningful information that executive teams can use, for instance, to monitor the execution of the strategy, validate the strategic hypothesis, and get insights about the future.

Organizations have no shortage of data; on the contrary, data is superabundant. The challenge is understanding what information is relevant for the business and how to make sense of it. Presenting data in a friendly, easy-to-use way is of paramount importance.

Technological advances have shifted the focus of managing and using data from an IT issue to a business discussion. Technology developments to make data available for strategic business use that not long ago required months or even years to produce results can now be done in weeks.

We help organizations identify what data is essential for the business and provide mechanisms and tools to use it to their advantage effectively.

Performance Management

Performance indicators are necessary to understand, learn and improve what the organization does and to allow companies to uncover opportunities, but they are not sufficient.

To take advantage of the full potential of data, it is necessary to have the correct data and the competencies required to perform in-depth analysis and synthesis. It is also crucial to have a governance mechanism to enable performance monitoring, decision making, and learning.

We help organizations build those competencies and develop the governance mechanism required for operational and strategic reviews.

Process Improvement and Automation

Everything that happens in an organization is the result of processes. One of the biggest challenges companies face is ensuring the strategy’s alignment with the operations, bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

We help our clients close the gap between strategy and operations by identifying the fundamental processes required to execute the plan and focusing the improvement efforts where they are most needed.

We use state-of-the-art methodologies and international standards selected according to the particular needs of our clients.

We uncover potential for automation and the application of technology to augment customer value to seize new opportunities.

Executive Education

Our training programs cover a variety of strategic and performance improvement topics.  We offer customized training to respond to the specific needs of our clients.

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