Strategy Consulting

The first step to successfully compete in the digital world is to have a strategic view of where the company wants to go. This is a critical first step to prepare the organization to review its value proposition and to identify what is required to change in its  processes to deliver value to the customers.

We help organizations clarify their strategies following a practical approach that integrates execution right from the beginning. This way of working allow organizations develop a clear view of what they are trying to achieve, and most importantly how they are going to do it.

Simplicity is our motto. We translate strategy into simple terms that everybody in the organization can understand and contribute to.

Once the strategy is in place we help organizations connect the strategy with the processes that will provide the foundation for its implementation. This key step includes the improvement of existent processes and the design and development of new ones that are required to execute the strategy.


Visual Analytics

The main commodity in the digital era is data. There is no doubt about the importance of harnessing data to use it as input for strategic and operational decisions. However, most organizations find very difficult to use data to generate meaningful information that executive teams can use, for instance, to monitor the execution of the strategy, validate strategic hypothesis and get insights about the future.

There is no shortage of data in organizations, on the contrary, data is superabundant. The challenge is to understand what data is relevant for the business and how to make sense of it. Presenting data in friendly, easy to use way is of paramount importance.

Technological advances have shifted the focus of managing and using data from an IT issue to a business discussion. Some technology developments to make data available for strategic business use that not long ago required months or even years to produce results now can be done in a matter of weeks.

We help organizations identify what data is important for the business and provide mechanisms and tools to effectively use data in their advantage.

Performance Management


The availability of data and performance indicators is necessary for understanding and improving what the organization does, and for enabling companies uncover opportunities, but is not sufficient.

To take advantage of the full potential of data it is necessary not only to have the right data available, but also the competencies required to perform in depth analysis and synthesis, and also the governance mechanism that will enable performance monitoring, decision making and learning.

We help organizations build those competencies and develop the governance mechanism required for operational and strategic reviews.


Process Improvement and Automation

Everything that happens in an organization is the result of processes. One of the biggest challenges that companies face is how to ensure the alignment of the strategy with the operations. 

We help our clients close the gap between strategy and operations by identifying the key processes that are required to execute the strategy, and focusing the improvement efforts on them.

We use state-of-the art methodologies and international standards, that are selected according to the particular needs of our clients.

We also uncover opportunities for automation and the application of Machine Learning concepts.

Executive Education

Our training programs cover a variety of strategic and performance improvement topics.  We offer in-house and custom-made training to respond to the specific needs of our clients.

  • Strategy Formulation / Digital Strategy
  • Strategy Execution
  • Performance Measurement, Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Leadership for Strategic Management
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Strategic Initiatives Management
  • Strategic Governance
  • Process Improvement
  • Change Management