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Helping organizations re-imagine their businesses in the Digital Era

The changing business landscape demands organizations to think of their business in a dramatically different way compared to what made them successful in more stable environments.

business Strategy and digital transformation FOR a new world

Digital transformation and social and environmental topics have a lot of hype for a good reason. Indeed, digital technologies and inclusive growth are driving the new business environment. Industry boundaries are blurring, changing completely whole industries, and enabling some companies to achieve exponential growth. If companies could be successful in the past while neglecting social and environmental impacts, not anymore. 

Even though many business leaders are aware of these trends and their potential, they still find it challenging to understand how technologies will impact their business and how to seize the opportunity to create shared value and achieve transformational results in a new business environment. Strategy and performance are closely intertwined in the digital world.

ALG helps organizations formulate and execute sound strategies leveraging the power of technology to unlock innovation opportunities and create breakthrough results.

We want to be your strategic partner in successfully transforming your organization to compete in a New World.

SeIZING THE opportunities that digital transformation provides


Strategy is about creating focus and synergies across the organization. All the different components of the organization need to be aligned with the strategy to achieve results. We help organizations dramatically improve their performance by formulating and executing sound strategies and creating solid linkages with the operations by leveraging the power of technology to enable learning and improve decision-making.

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Our technology partners:


Strategy without execution is of no value. We help organizations execute strategic processes that deliver value to the customers, create efficiencies, and identify new business opportunities. In ALG, we believe that each client is unique. We recognize and apply the right tools to respond to the specific needs of our clients. We also help identify opportunities for automation so that the company can focus its efforts on creating value for its customers instead of investing time and resources in repetitive / non-value-added tasks.

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We help our clients develop and implement strategic and operational performance management systems, introducing cutting edge methodologies for data visualization, business intelligence, strategic reviews, and business process improvement.

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